Sunday, 4 February 2018

Whyalla and the Northern Areas Soccer Association

Thanks to some photos of clippings about soccer in Whyalla and the Northern Areas Soccer Association sent to me by Danny Wilson, a page on football in that area has been added to the History Documents page and can be found here.

They cover the career of Tommy Russell from his early days at Croatia then his veteran years with Wanderers in the local competition.

These clippings, and the later videos on the Northern Areas Soccer Highlights YouTube channel provide a record of a flourishing local football scene in country South Australia.

Monday, 29 January 2018

The United Appeal For The Missing Issues

The above clip is from one of the greatest sketch comedy movies of all, The Kentucky Fried Movie. Sadly Henry Gibson is no longer with us, and therefore unable to narrate a video for the latest appeal for missing issues of Soccer Action and Soccer News. There are just 48 issues needed to complete the Soccer Action set (they are listed below), and it would be great to get the archive filled this year. If anyone can lend me any of these missing editions so they can be copied, scanned and uploaded please contact me at


February 4     March 31


March 14     July 26     August 29


March 29     May 28     June 4    June 25     September 10     October 15     October 22   
November 6     November 19


March 25     April 1     July 1     July 22   


January 27     February 10     March 3     March 10     March 17     March 24     April 14
May 19     June 30     July 14     August 11     September 22     October 20


February 16     March 16     March 23     April 6     June 8     July 20     August 10     August 17
October 19     October 26


April 4     September 12


September 4


April 9     May 14     July 16     October 8

Until I have some papers to copy and scan, I'll just be watching more The Kentucky Fried Movie clips.

The impressive Big Jim Slade:

For when you've just sold your last case of incense:

A movie criminally denied an Academy Award:

I don't care:

Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Goal! Weekly Archive

I'm not exactly sure when, but at some point recently the Goal! Weekly website added the vast bulk of their back catalogue to an archive on their website called The Collection. I've now added a link to this collection to the Newspapers page on the History Documents section of the blog. The modern successor to Soccer News and Soccer Action rounds out the history of post-WWII soccer in Victoria.

The archive covers the golden era of the mid-2000's VPL. There were full page match reports and some sensational photos. Full, poster-sized team photos are also of great interest, as well as the full page Football Focus photo and interviews of a player. There is also the foundation of the A-League, and in later years the magazine is a virtual Football Record for the national competition.

From a history perspective, the Blast From The Past page with Roy Hay is unmissable. He along with former Soccer Action journalist Craig MacKenzie were the paper's veterans writers, along with George Stogiannou and with John Punshon, Steve Gray and Anita Milas on the cameras. They were later joined by Walter Pless, Mike Salter and Nat Adamopoulos as the paper went national. A whole crop of young media talent later got in on the act, like Sacha Pisani, Matthew Galea, Donald Sutherland, Matthew Naqvi, Teo Pellizzeri, Con Stamocostas, David Manuca, Matthew McNamara, Daniel Quinn, Brandon Galgano, Katie Lambeski and Shaun Moran.

It's great to have the paper available online. All hail the King, Costa Koutropoulos!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Some Blog Housekeeping

In the absence of coming across the missing editions of Soccer Action to scan and complete the collection, I've updated a couple of old items I had lying around on the hard drive. There is now a brief index for Soccer Action and Soccer News, which may come in handy if you are looking for a feature/profile on a particular player or club. As well as being found below, there are links on the relevant archive pages.

Soccer Action Index

Soccer News Index

I've also added three new compilations, one of which is complete while the others will be works in progress to be added to annually. They are they Australian pages of World Soccer magazine. The 1990's compilation is complete, scanned from my own collection. As I don't have any in my collection from the 1960's and 1970's, these compilations are based on the issues found on the Soccer Nostalgia blog. As more come to hand, the pdf file will be added to and updated. There will also be a few new items added to the Magazine Article Archive, including World Soccer pieces on Mark Viduka, the Tim Cahill nationality issue and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

World Soccer Australian Pages 1960's

World Soccer Australian Pages 1970's

World Soccer Australian Pages 1990's

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The 2017 Draft of the Statistical History

Following the completion of the 2017 FFV season I thought it's time to release the latest draft of my Victorian Football Statistical History.

So here it is:

Victorian Football Statistical History draft 9 - 2017

There's a few new things since the last draft. The National Competitions section has been expanded. There's a new Award Winners section to include discontinued awards and non-playing awards. A Regional Leagues section has been added, and by releasing this draft I hope people can see what information I'm looking for to fill in the gaps in that section. Just because there weren't enough missing details already I've added an Other Competitions section so I have to find some goalscorers for the Laidlaw World Cup Finals and the results of the Industrial/ASFV/VicSoccer Cup Finals.

In terms of senior tables, they are nearly as good as they will probably get. There are only a few problematic years, mainly 1912, 1914-15, 1922, 1936, 1938 and 1946 that need a bit more effort.

With the Dockerty Cup, it may take a time machine to ever uncover any more information on the 1919 edition. The Second World War years are also shrouded in secrecy, when even the VFL coverage in the papers was limited. Then there are several years where we fall 3 or 4 players short from establishing complete line-ups, I still hold out hope for being able to discover them.

Feel free to share it around, and if anyone has some information that can assist please contact me at

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Sad Situation of Richmond

Some of the following could have been included in the Why I've Arrived Where I'm At post from March, and some from Elitist But Not Elite as well but I was trying to put a limit on my rambling at the time.

On Friday the Richmond Soccer Club put the following message on their Facebook page:

I would be lying if I said I was surprised, as this has been a long time coming, six years in fact.

A poor start to the 2011 season by the Under 21's precipitated the end of Helmut Katizki's presidency at Richmond. Donald MacLaren had taken over the side after assisting Jim Maclean, and an element of the committee from the juniors side were not satisfied with performances. The pressure to make a change continued to build, and eventually a newcomer to the committee, Jean-Marc Imbert, was made caretaker coach for the remainder of the season.

The following year it was senior coach Michael Chatzitrifonos who was under the pump. Early season losses prompted agitation from some of the committee. He had cut Didier Imbert from the senior squad during pre-season, before politicking forced a reconsideration. The tensions reached a head in early June following a 0-2 loss at home to Hume City when Chatzitrifonos quit his post after being confronted post-game.

Kalitzki managed to get Chatzitrifonos back on board the following day but the damage had been done. Captain Michael Ferrante, struggling with a back injury that would not see him play regularly for another year after surgery, left the club dismayed at the politics that had crept in, clearly able to see the writing on the wall. The team's results would improve, eventually finishing just three points off a finals berth, despite the turmoil off the park.

The committee was now dis-functional and having failed to oust Chatzitrifonos they now set their sights on Kalitzki. Their meetings required security intervention. Prior to the final game of the season, Kalitzki met with the players to announce he had stood down as president. Though he always honoured promises over player wages, he told them to see the new committee about payments for the final game but hoped that they would still turn out and play for each other and their coach. Following a spirited 1-1 draw away at the league champions Dandenong Thunder, Chatzitrifonos finished his tenure at the club after five years.

The new committee appointed Imbert as first team coach for the following season. The core of the playing squad moved on, though Davey van 't Schip was happy to stay and play with his mates who had remained. A bust-up with Imbert in pre-season though saw him follow Ferrante and Tom Milardovic to Pascoe Vale where he remains to this day, one of the best players in the NPLV. After four straight defeats at the start of the 2013 season, culminating in an embarrassing 2-7 defeat at home to Northcote City, Imbert was dismissed. By the end of the year the club was relegated, and those that had ousted Kalitzki had all jumped off the ship they had sunk.

                          Sub Bill Fleming Medal for Gold Medal and.....

The club rallied under a new committee and in 2015 with the backing of sponsorship from Concave won the then NPL1 to secure promotion back into the top tier. Instantly relegated, it was a second successive relegation this season that has brought the club to the brink on which it now sits.

So in reading the commentary to the club's EGM announcement it was interesting to see how some apportion the blame for the predicament.

There were some fingers pointed at the FFV and also the NPL set-up as a whole. What is clear is that relegation from the NPL will have a more devastating effect on clubs than relegation from the VPL did. What can a club do if the bulk of their junior players may be looking to stay in the NPL system by moving to other clubs? When committee people may be pondering such a move for their own children, it's easy to see how a crippling exodus may occur. Battling to meet the costly NPL requirements no doubt causes a lot of burn-out as well.

Does the NPL set up, particularly in NPL2 do clubs any favours? I recall in the heyday of Friday nights at Kevin Bartlett Reserve, the bar and canteen would make twice as much as it would with the same crowd on a Saturday afternoon. So what does hosting a single busload of players and officials from Goulburn Valley or Murray United on a Saturday offer? A 28 game season means six more week's worth of wages need to be found than previously. Not that every club relegated from the NPLV will find themselves in Richmond's predicament, but there would be a few others skating closer to the edge than they'd like to admit.

Of course the lack of stability since the departure of Kalitzki leads some to point out the perils of relying on a single benefactor. From what I've seen though, few clubs would cover their costs on gate takings alone. Surely a benefactor or sponsorship is preferable to using junior membership fees? The old chestnut of clubs being at the mercy of the whims of such benefactors also rises, as if they just like to withdraw their support for a laugh. Most benefactors would prefer clubs become less reliant on them, but that can take years to achieve. Since Kalitzki the club was aided by various sponsors, none of whom have been long term.

I think the situation Richmond has found itself in illustrates how committees with junior parents dominated by self-interest will destroy more clubs than these supposedly flip-flopping benefactors do. And for that the FFV has to shoulder some of the blame. A decade ago now the FFV forced clubs to alter their constitutions to allow the parents of junior players a vote at club's elections, which probably assisted the ousting of Kalitzki at a club with a small member base like Richmond.

Of course the two A-League clubs with teams in the NPLV do not have to comply with these rules. These privately owned clubs are allowed to operate without the ability of a group of Under 14's parents upset at being confined to the back pitch all season to wrest control from Sheikh Mansour. Melbourne Victory's chairman Anthony Di Pietro is safe in the knowledge he doesn't need to placate the parents of the kids sitting on the bench in their NPL2 West U20's team to keep his role. Funnily enough the person I used to argue with on Twitter about the unfairness of this is currently on the run in Romania from Australian taxation authorities so we are not able to resume that debate.

Though the FFV saw fit to meddle with constitutions, there's no protections put in place that could prevent the scenario that has occurred at Richmond. When those on the committee failed to get their way in sacking the coach and demanded money they had put into the club back, the president had the option of paying them, or standing down and letting them have their way once the situation had become untenable. When the following committee failed to achieve what they wanted and left, they were free to be able to do so. They did not have to be held to account, it was left to others to pick up the pieces if they wanted the club to carry on, and saddled with debt they managed to move it on a little further to the crossroads it now finds itself.

It also needs to be noted that none of the changes to the competition made with the introduction of the NPL where made with the clubs, and their best interests, in mind. As with much of Australian football decisions are made on a "top down" basis. The authorities give little consideration to those running clubs. If clubs fall over they know another one will take it's place.

Having put in 30 hours a week at the club for over ten years, it would be sad to see it go under. Cannot say, though, that I'd be sad enough about it to go through all that again to save it. Which in itself is the saddest part.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Boo Reviews Some More Yearbooks

Another batch of VSF Yearbooks have been scanned and uploaded, so time for another review.

Not a VSF Yearbook, it's the Australian Soccer Yearbook

Australian Soccer Year Book 1963

Or more accurately, the Soccer World Yearbook for 1963. This is a treat, a wonderful record of the season in NSW and pretty good coverage of other states. All the line-ups for the interstate championship and Australia Cup are there and player appearances for the NSW top tier. The great names leap from every page, Marston, Baumgartner, the brothers Ninaus, Jaros, Warren, Watkiss etc

Not a VSF Yearbook, it's some Queensland Soccer Federation Yearbooks

Queensland Soccer Federation Yearbook 1968

Queensland Soccer Federation Yearbook 1969

These are also great, up there with the early 1960's VSF Yearbooks and better than what the VSF was offering at the time.

About to enter the Golden Age, the 1974 VSF Yearbook

1974 VSF Yearbook

The new World Cup trophy on the cover. All the framework for the classic Yearbooks of 1976-78 are there without the fancy extras. Lots of fixtures, tables and cup charts.

From the top shelf, the 1976 VSF Yearbook

1976 VSF Yearbook

Another trophy on the cover, this time it's the Rothman's State League Championship Trophy. Tons of fixtures and tables. There's results grids and cup charts, and a list of VSF Cup Finals for the year prior. There's a list of the state team games from a tour of New Caledonia, and the Bendigo League gets a mention.

Returning to the Dark Ages, the 1980 VSF Yearbook

1980 VSF Yearbook

Plain, lame cover. Fixtures and club contacts book, more like. Not even tables from the previous year, let alone results grids or cup charts. Nothing about the juniors. A few pictures and the state team line-ups for the season the only highlights. Pocket sized, but no pocket rocket like the 1960's VASFA versions.

Same crap as the year before, the 1981 VSF Yearbook

1981 VSF Yearbook

Did Oliver Twist ask for some more slop? It's delivered here in spades, another shocker with the plain lame cover now a signature for mediocrity.

Page size is bigger, just makes it a bigger waste of space, the 1983 VSF Yearbook

1983 VSF Yearbook

The pocked size has been increased a bit, but the plain, lame cover offers the same dire content as it's 1980's predecessors. Scanning it made me sad.